Sweetbark Maple Syrup

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Sourced from Caledon, Ontario, Sweetbark utilizes five hundred and ten maple trees to produce their syrups, and roughly twenty litres of sap are boiled down to produce a single bottle.

Amber: Sweetbark’s amber maple syrup is a mi-saison stunner that bursts with smokey notes of toffee. If you like a light but still-robust maple flavour, then this bottle has your name on it.

Dark: Sweetbark’s dark maple syrup is amber’s darker sibling—a late-season masterpiece that features smoky notes of vanilla pod and brown sugar. If you like a more intense and robust maple flavour, then this is the one for you. It is the ultimate expression of the area’s clay soils and the long-awaited spring.

Very Dark: As maple season wanes and yields to spring, the sugar content of sap drops as trees prepare to leaf out. This is when our very dark syrup is born. You will taste a pronounced, rich maple flavour that is buttery with strong smoky notes.